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Here’s what some of our Novato, CA customers are saying about us:

5 Star Review
Came in for an oil change, he was able to fit me in on a busy schedule. Fair price, and great experiencing. If you have a European vehicle this is the place to have it serviced.

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5 Star Review
I have been looking for an honest mechanic for more than a year and I finally found my place! I took my BMW 525I last week to get a vacuum leak fixed, when I got the call from Michael on how much and how long it will take I excepted to go a head with the repair. When I got my car back it reminded me when I first drove it from the showroom of the dealership. Michael Did a fantastic job and the price was also perfect! Please before you take a chance of getting any repairs on your car take it to this man!!!!best decision ever! Thank you

Yahia H. Yelp Review

5 Star Review
Originally, I took my 2008 BMW 328I into Sonnen BMW because my right blinker wasn't working. At that time, they informed me the light gasket and bulb needed to be replaced and I purchased the items as suggested and believed the problem was solved.

A few days later, the blinker went back to not working. When I contacted Sonnen, the representative suggested I drive down and bring it in at 4:30 pm. When I arrived, the tech (or representative who greets you when you pull your car in) asked if I had an appointment and I stated the lady told me to bring the car in at 4:30 so yes, I believe I have an appointment. It was apparent, there was some confusion and the guy was a bit frustrated. Once I explained the problem, the individual called one of the mechanics over to look at my light. After about three minutes the mechanic looked at my light and said it needed an entire new light replacement and the cost would be somewhere to the tune of over $1,000.

After seeing how rushed they were in trying to diagnose, I decided to get a second opinion. I live in Novato and drive past Marin European Auto Service all the time so I decided to take my car in there. When I arrived, I spoke with Mike ( I believe he's the owner) and I explained the issue. I could tell he was very busy as he had a lot full of vehicles he was working on. Mike was SO NICE!!! He said I could drop my car off anytime and he would look at it and see if he could figure out what was wrong. (no charge to me until he diagnosed the issue)

I finally I dropped my car off on my way to lunch and when I returned some (40 minutes later) Mike fixed the issue and didn't charge me ONE DIME! He explained it was some little minor issue. He never spoke one ill word against the other mechanics who obviously didn't look at the problem. (Another sign of good character) and he just quietly explained what he did and said no charge..

I can't express how grateful I am for his generosity. It's not often you run into people who actually care and do good deeds.

Please take your business to our local Novato Business 'Marin European Auto Service' and see Mike. He's and honest, kind person and I'm SO grateful I found him.

Thanks Mike!!!

Heather P. Yelp Review

5 Star Review
Went to mike a couple weeks ago for an oil change, he hooks it up and checks my whole car and tells me I need some bulbs replaced. Quality service, very friendly and the shop dog is adorable :) been going to mike for years and his service is always quality

Casey O. Yelp Review

5 Star Review
We are so lucky to how found MIchael! Our last BMW specialist could not be bothered to answer any questions or give any explanation as to why we paid for the SAME problem four times! Michael had no problem answering all of our questions and addressing our concerns. Prices were fair, my car is always done when he says it's going to be done. The best part.....Our car has never ran better!

T T. Yelp Review

5 Star Review
Micheal, the owner,is very helpful and experienced. I brought my car in for an engine light and he quickly diagnosed the problem. I was not charged for the miscellaneous extras and his hourly rates are inexpensive. I am so glad he is in town so I do not have to travel out of Novato and I could walk to work. I will always bring my European cars to Marin European Auto Service. Michael, thank you for a job done well!

Gary L. Yelp Review

5 Star Review
Mike is an amazing mechanic, I have a 2009 Mercedes S550 and i have never had a problem with him or his work very honest and reliable and most of all the watch dog Lobo is either sleeping or wanting to play with his tennis ball . Mike is very reliable and a gentlemen at that . I have never been to a shop where you get such great service and attitude and also a very clean shop. Thanks again!

Louis F. Yelp Review

5 Star Review
Mike, the HONEST! I used to be a Service Manager for a dealership and I know what to look for and believe me...Mike is the Real Thing! He will NOT look for more things wrong with your car. He will fix what needs to be fixed to get you back on the road. I completely TRUST HIM! Took my 1997 BMW 328i to be repaired. I knew what was wrong...and he only did the work that was needed. Thank you, MIKE!

Craig C. Yelp Review

5 Star Review
Michael, the proprietor, is my newest knight in shining armour. Getting a used MINI with the warranty still intact seemed like a good idea at the time, but the problem is there aren't any MINI dealerships in Marin. Luckily Michael has the magic computer that speaks to my machine.

She's having a mysterious, intermittant tire pressure issue. Michael has twice saved me from having to bring my lame, limping girl into the SF dealership, which doesn't have great Yelp reviews and is very inconveniently located. (Two strikes BMW of San Francisco.) Both times Michael gallantly declined payment. In return I've promised to bring in our Z4 and the MINI (once the warranty has run out) and actually allow him to make some money from us.

Michael's shop is located VERY conveniently downtown. He is knowledgeable, friendly and is not a hustler. Word: He's a car guy you can trust. Lobo, his German Shepherd, plays a dual role as guardian and ball catcher. He may cajole you into a game of kickball while Michael does his mechanical voodoo on your trusty (or not so trusty) steed.

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